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Full Body Screening

Includes everything in the Half Body Scan PLUS the upper thighs, feet and more.

Half Body Screening

This scan is from the top of the head to just above the pubic bone. It includes all major organs.

Breast Screening

Be proactive by screening for inflammation, lymphatic congestion and more.



Thermography is the New Gold Standard  for technology tools that specifically measure inflammation in the body. Come in and see us today.  Remember early detection saves lives.

Cutting-Edge Treatment

With highly sensitive medical infrared cameras, we check for abnormal activity, chiefly blood flow, heat, and vascular patterns in the body looking for abnormal heat patters.

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Be Pro-Active with Your Life

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging has the ability to identify the pre-cursors of disease before they strike (for example: cancer, stroke and heart attacks). 

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What is Thermography?

​Thermography, or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, is a physiological test that measures the infrared radiation (heat) which is constantly radiating from the surgace of the human body.

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Preventative. Imaging. Thermography. 

 Breast Cancer Awareness 
Click here to check out Dr. Jockers latest article on  how Thermoraphy is now the Gold Standard in Breast Cancer Screening.

Illuminate ImaginG Clinical Thermography​